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Cooking Tips

19 Apr BBQing, grilling and frying 0 2086
Pat meat dry before frying, including marinated meats. Wet meat doesn’t brown well. Before you put the meat on, make sure the surface of the pan or g..
19 Apr Slow-cooking & stewing 0 2068
Stewing or slow simmering can tenderise certain types of cuts and bring out their best flavours (use flank, brisket or chuck – avoid lean cuts as they..
19 Apr Is it ready? 0 2140
When chicken is ready, the juices will run clear. Always cover and rest red meat after cooking, to retain the juices. Resting time varies depending o..
19 Apr Before you cook 0 2829
Don’t cook cold meat straight from the fridge – take it out about 30 minutes before you get sizzling...
19 Apr Carving your meat 0 2050
When cutting or carving meat, always cut across the grain...
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